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Handmade Bespoke Kitchens

Handmade Bespoke Kitchens

Kitchen Detailing

Each kitchen we create is to the individuals bespoke detailing. Similar to when cooking, your vision and our designers are the recipe, our materials and kitchen components are the ingredients, and the finished fitted kitchen is the end result of the cooking process. What makes our kitchens so unique is the individuals vision that visits our showrooms searching for their dream interior.

[Kitchen Islands]

All of our kitchen islands are made to measure to ensure that they are a great piece of social and functional furniture. An island creates a hub for the entire family to gather around, friends to populate when having a catch up and a handy place for day-to-day dining.

[Work Tops]

As a luxury handmade kitchen design company, we pride ourselves on the vast array of modern, traditional and transitional kitchen worktops that we offer. Our artisan craftsmen are skilled in using: Granite, Woods, Concrete, Glass, Stainless steel, Engineered stone, and Laminate.


Storage is fundamental in every kitchen design; it’s here style and functionality must coexist in absolute harmony. Maximising the potential of your kitchens storage space requires careful and thorough planning to ensure every inch is best utilised.

[Seating & Dining]

Gone are the days where a kitchen was just the room that you cooked in. Nowadays, a bespoke kitchen can be the social hub of your household – which is why seating and dining are becoming a primary consideration.


Our kitchen pantries can be tailor-made to fit the generous or limited space you have available, without compromising the style of your kitchen. When designing our pantries, we ensure it’s a compact, coherent storage space for all your dry goods.

[Wine Storage]

Whether it’s a custom wine cellar/room for a residential property, or the transformation of an under stairs space for wine storage, we bring great ideas, artisan craftsmen and a passion for bespoke interior design.