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Handmade Bespoke Kitchens

Common Features of a Traditional Kitchen

Aug 30th, 2019 11:50 am   
One of the best things about modern home design is that there are so many different styles to explore and choose from, and it’s fair to say that no room in a house shows this better than your kitchen. From super rustic to super modern and futuristic, there are so many options when it comes to designing a new kitchen, but sometimes it can sometimes be difficult to know where to start.
If you are in the process of a big home renovation and are currently trying to figure out what kind of kitchen is best for you, then allow us to showcase some of the best features and benefits of what is termed a ‘traditional’ kitchen. It is a style that has a distinctive grace and elegance to it, and it can make for the perfect neutral base when you don’t want to go too vintage or too sleek and modern.
If you are looking for a kitchen set up that incorporates a variety of different elements from historic periods, but that still has a key focus on family comfort and practicality, then this type of kitchen sounds like it might be the one for you. To help make you decision easier, here are a few of the best and most celebrated features of a traditional kitchen.

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1. Decorative Accents & Details
One of the defining visual features of a traditional kitchen is the use of decorative accents and details throughout the design. You will find that all quintessential kitchens contain things like wainscoting on the island, crown mouldings, corbels and furniture style pieces as well as embellishments on all possible areas of the room.
The aim with a traditional kitchen is to have every corner and space that you look be adorned with a range of decorative elements. This might sound overbearing to imagine, but when done tastefully it produces a really elegant and high class finish to the kitchen.
2. Neutral Colours
Something that a traditional kitchen must always have is a neutral, warm, inoffensive colour scheme. More contemporary designs might put more focus into crisp, cool, ‘poppy’ colours, but with a traditional kitchen setup you want to be thinking about the warm tones and colours that you might find in a classic farmhouse somewhere in the country.
Shades like deep cherries, cool neutral browns, and light beiges are the kind of colours that you should be interested in. The great thing about having a classic colour palette is that it will never go out of style.
3. Luxurious Countertops
One of the standout features of any traditional kitchen should be large, spacious, luxurious countertops for work, prep, and every other kind of activity. When we say luxurious, we are talking high-end materials like granite, quartz and marble.
The more space you have the better, as a traditional kitchen ideally should have lots of wide open counter space that makes every activity you do in the kitchen still look nice and neat thanks to all of the room that you have at your disposal. If you opt for something other than marble, keep in mind that a classic marble imitation finish is still one of the most popular patterns for countertops in traditional kitchens.
4. Raised Panel Cabinets
Traditional kitchens are just as much about height as they are about generous counter space, and this is achieved by the installation of many raised panel cabinets along the walls of your kitchen.
Whereas modern kitchen designs favour a sleek, almost hidden cabinet feel, a traditional kitchen has its cabinets as one of the most stand out features. Tying back in with the trend toward lots of embellishment and decoration, these cabinets are generally embellished in keeping with the rest of the kitchen design, often with grand handles in place of the more contemporary push and lock systems of modern cabinets.
5. Ornate Lighting
The perfect thing to finish off a traditional kitchen is a turn towards the ornate side of things when it comes to lighting. The best traditional kitchens forgo contemporary and trendy spot lighting and instead opt for chandeliers style creations that really add that final touch of elegance and class to the room.
Don’t make the mistake of thinking that a chandelier design is too garish for a 21st century kitchen. When displayed with the rest of the traditional features around it, an elegant chandelier can really elevate the entire visual appeal of the kitchen space. It’s the little finishing touches that can make all the difference.
A traditional kitchen doesn’t mean it can meet the very modern needs of the most important room in the house. Check out our portfolio of traditional kitchens for inspiration.