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Handmade Bespoke Kitchens

Handmade Bespoke Kitchens

What To Expect At Our London Showroom

Aug 6th, 2019 8:52 am   
Set right in the middle of Chelsea and Fulham’s design district, on Kings Road, our London showroom is the perfect place for you to come and see the very best of what we have to offer here at Stonehouse.

With our commitment to creating the highest quality, bespoke kitchens and furniture, we have designed our London showroom to show our customers the craftmanship and care that we apply to every job that we take on.

What will you see at our London Showroom?

When you visit our showroom, you can expect to see examples of our high end  furniture. We want you to be able to touch, feel and see the quality, whilst giving you an idea of exactly the kind of kitchen that we would be able to design for you.

We have a whole range of our luxury bespoke furniture on show, to help you to visualise how we can transform your kitchen into the kitchen of your dreams. Whether you are looking for elegance, traditional or a mixture of the two, our team of designers are on hand to help you to realise your dreams.

Our kitchens range from the traditional shaker kitchen, to the clean, minimalistic style of a super modern kitchen, to a countrified kitchen as well as transitional kitchens. Here at the showroom we can help you to visualise your perfect kitchen, exactly fitting your needs and preferences and helping to bring your imagination to life.

The showroom has all kinds of items on display, ranging from modern, handle-less furniture, to bespoke, hand-finished, brass effect doors.

What happens at our London Showroom?

At our London Showroom, you can not only expect to see some of the finest examples of our portfolio of beautifully crafted, bespoke kitchens and furniture, you can also book to see one of our expert designers who will be on hand to talk you through the details of your bespoke kitchen project.

 You can arrange an appointment with one of our designers in the showroom itself, giving you both ideas about what options you have available for your bespoke kitchen. Alternatively, you can arrange a visit from one of our designers to your home where they can see and feel the space for themselves.

Our team of friendly and intuitive designers will be delighted to talk you through the new design ideas which are available to you, our new products and perfect finishes which are all available to you as a customer.

Experience different brands of appliances

We all know that appliances are important in a kitchen and can affect how you use it, when you use it and how much you use it. It is, therefore, important that you choose the right appliances for you, your family and your kitchen.

Our showroom in London gives you the opportunity to experience a number of different brands of appliances, helping you to compare each one, and discover which ones you would prefer to have.

Although we give you the chance to experience all these different brands, our showroom isn’t a shop and it is not possible to buy these appliances outright here. They will, however, help you to get a good idea of what you will want in your brand new, bespoke kitchen.

Make an appointment with a designer

Our team of artisan kitchen designers are ready and waiting for you to get in touch, brimming with new and fresh ideas about how to turn your kitchen into your ‘perfect’ kitchen. You can make your consultation either at our London showroom or at your home if you prefer.

Each consultation would normally take between one and two hours, where you would get the full, undivided attention of our expert designers, helping you to turn your dreams into a reality.

Although you might be able to walk in off the street and meet one of our designers ready to talk you through all of your options, to be able to guarantee that we can dedicate our time to you, it is recommended that you get in touch with us before hand to book an appointment.

Our new London showroom is ready and waiting to show you what we are most proud of – our high quality, beautifully crafted bespoke kitchens and furniture. We hope that you will make an appointment with one of our expert designers who are devoted to creating the perfect kitchen for you, or just pop in to see some of our signature designs soon.