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Handmade Bespoke Kitchens

Handmade Bespoke Kitchens

What Is the Difference Between a Bespoke Kitchen and a Made to Measure?

Dec 4th, 2019 12:59 pm   
If you are thinking about getting a new kitchen you might have heard people describe their services as either ‘bespoke’ or ‘made to measure’. To the untrained eye, they might seem to be the same thing, but actually, you are being offered completely different services.

The term ‘bespoke’ is believed to have come from the tailors in Saville Row. Apparently, when a piece of fabric was ‘spoken for’ it became ‘bespoke’. It meant that something was going to be created specifically for that person, specifically for their needs and accommodating all of their nuances. A tailor would be allocated to that person, they would seek to understand what they want and need, see them for multiple fittings and create something unique for them.

This idea can be transferred over to the world of kitchens, meaning that a bespoke kitchen is one that has been carefully designed by experts with the training, skills and experience to meet your exact needs, wants and requirements. Your bespoke kitchen will be unique, designed specifically for you, beautifully crafted and, in short, the kitchen that you have always imagined having.

Kitchen Design

A made to measure kitchen is usually based on a pre-existing design. When you get a made to measure kitchen, the designer – or more typically, a shop assistant or salesperson – will usually take your kitchen’s measurements, apply them to their design and then create the kitchen furniture accordingly. Although this means that you will get a nicely fitted kitchen, matching their style, you won’t be getting a perfectly fitting, completely unique kitchen, in a style that exactly matches your home and does precisely what you want it to in terms of functionality – as you would do if you got a bespoke kitchen.

Designing a bespoke kitchen doesn’t mean that you can’t use ideas that already exist, however. In fact, you can see plenty of great kitchen ideas at our London showroom. Here, you can discuss which ideas you like and would like to incorporate into your kitchen with a professional, bespoke kitchen designer, and they can incorporate these ideas and create your dream kitchen for you.

Bespoke Kitchens give you more Options

Unlike a made to measure kitchen which will have a certain number of designs and materials available to you, a bespoke kitchen knows no boundaries. When you get a made to measure kitchen, your kitchen’s dimensions will be plugged into a pre-existing design. You might have some options with regards to colours or accessories, for example, but the design will stay the same in principle.

In contrast, with a bespoke kitchen, the world is your oyster. You can discuss with the designer how you want your kitchen to work, flow, look and feel. You can discuss which are the best materials for you to use according to your unique needs and circumstances. You can discuss the appliances that you want, how to make your room brighter, where you will put your great uncle’s antique statue, your need for a foldaway table, area for your pet lizard to sleep, childproofing, entertainment area – or anything else that you want to have in your dream kitchen.

One on One Contact

One of the main differences between a made to measure and a bespoke kitchen is the contact that you get with the designer. A bespoke kitchen designer will work with you, maintaining contact and ensuring that your kitchen turns out just as you (both) imagined it to.

You will be able to chat with the designer, explain exactly what you are looking for and have the opportunity to fully discuss your new kitchen and its progress. Your freedom of choice and ability to specify anything that you want is one of the things which makes a bespoke kitchen special and sets it aside from a regular made to measure kitchen, and one on one contact with your designer is an important part of the process to bringing your ideal kitchen ideas to life.
If you are thinking about getting a new kitchen you have a number of options for you. However, if you are looking at getting a kitchen that truly reflects your home, what you have always dreamt of in a kitchen, looks great and works functionally as well, the best option for you is to get a bespoke kitchen. To take it back to the tailors, it’s like the difference between buying a piece of clothing on the high street and getting an haute couture outfit from a premium boutique.