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Handmade Bespoke Kitchens

Handmade Bespoke Kitchens

What Is A Bespoke Kitchen? Everything You Need To Know

Oct 3rd, 2019 11:55 am   
Redesigning a room in your home can be a fun but tricky experience. There are so many things to consider, such as costs, function, and aesthetics. A kitchen is especially difficult to change - it’s a lot more than just changing colour palettes and scatter cushions!
Changing your kitchen is, therefore, a big decision. A kitchen is always an important room in a home - it is a hub where a lot of time is usually spent. Therefore you want to make sure you love every part of it. Having a bespoke kitchen developed is one way to achieve this. Bespoke kitchens allow for every detail to be considered and perfected.
What Is A Bespoke Kitchen?
The word bespoke originally comes from the master tailors in England during the 17th & 18th centuries who created made-to-order items for royalty and the upper class. These tailored goods were made specifically for each individual’s exact measurements and needs.
So, too, a bespoke kitchen is a kitchen that is completely unique and customized to each client’s needs and wants. Nothing is standardised but rather each design element and material used is chosen specifically for each client. This guarantees that every client will completely love their new kitchen.
A truly bespoke kitchen is entirely custom-made and tailored. Bespoke kitchens aren’t limited by standard sizes and pre-determined options and formulas. Working with only standard cabinet sizes and/or configurations entirely limits all creativity in designing a kitchen. By not stockpiling standard kitchen cabinets, bespoke kitchen manufacturers also save on wasted materials and ensure your perfect kitchen is the perfect size.
There are certain elements of a kitchen that will always be needed, such as cabinets, a sink, and a cooker. A bespoke kitchen removes the limitations of having typical 600 x 800 cabinets throughout, as well as the restrictions in their formation within the space. Not being restricted by standardised cabinet sizes means every area of a kitchen can be utilised, rather than using large infills or wasting vital space.
There are also many internal features available for customisation so that the ultimate personalising of kitchen features can be achieved. This includes a wide range of splash-backs, appliances, and other aesthetics features such as handles and light fixtures.

How Is A Bespoke Kitchen Created?
Included in having a bespoke kitchen created is a design service and team. These creative designers, technical project managers, and skilled craftsmen work together to bring your vision to life. They are involved in getting to know a client’s preferences and tastes. They are also responsible for obtaining a floor plan of the space with all the dimensions. 
From this information, the design team can then customise beautiful layouts, larders, and can also develop efficient storage solutions. Designers develop these bespoke elements and layouts and from then create a digital visualisation of them. With the aid of smart technology, these designs are able to go from screen straight to development. This allows for a quick turn around and minimal wastage.
The Five Main Elements of a Bespoke Kitchen
#1 Cabinets: Cabinets make up the majority of a kitchen space. Therefore they should be a top priority when it comes to your kitchen design. Investing in good-quality and beautiful cabinets is a worthy investment as they will never go out of style and you will have them forever.
#2 Tiles: It is worth exploring new and interesting backsplash and/or flooring options. Bespoke kitchens allow you to not be confined by traditional placements or materials. Backsplashes and flooring are important design decisions. You want to choose one that reflects your own style and needs.
#3 Light Fixtures: The design team involved in developing your bespoke kitchen will ensure that clever and effective lighting fixtures will bring your kitchen to light in a beautiful and efficient way. Lighting is so important in creating ambience and in making the space effectively usable.
#4 Your Personality: A kitchen is a place that serves as a space of relaxation and community for many. It is therefore important to design a space that not only functions well but one that you also find aesthetically pleasing. Kitchens can be designed in many different styles, from traditional, playful, minimal, cosy, and many more. It is important to consider which style would suit you best.
#5 Your Needs: What excites you about your dream kitchen? Is it a steam oven for baking bread or a beverage station for achieving that perfect cup of coffee? Developing a bespoke kitchen is an opportunity to consider how you use your kitchen and therefore which elements to focus on.