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Handmade Bespoke Kitchens

Handmade Bespoke Kitchens

Making Use of Your Kitchen Space in London

Feb 24th, 2020 4:36 pm   
Space is at a premium all over the country but especially so in London. With high house prices - as well as high population density - it is important that those who live in London use their space wisely. Whether you have a small or large kitchen, many people are looking to spend as much time as they can in there, and this is bringing a need for kitchens to become as multi-functional as possible.
There is plenty that can be done to make the best use of your kitchen space, and you can get many ideas from a visit to our kitchen showroom in London.

Vertical Storage

Many kitchens don’t use the height of a room and leave most of the storage space at eye level and below. You can also add in extra storage space for items that you need less often at a higher level – which you can reach with small portable steps. This means that your kitchen can be less cluttered (making the room look bigger) and allows you to store the more everyday items in cabinets that are easily accessible.
You should also consider whether you need everything that you have. How many plates and bowls do you need, for example? Do you need five different sizes of frying pan or three different blenders? By cutting out the things that you don’t need in your kitchen you can make space for the things that you do.

Fridge Surround

There is often wasted space above a fridge. Many kitchen designs would leave a vertical space to fit a fridge into, leaving an area above it which could also be used for storage. Whether your fridge is integrated into your kitchen or stand-alone, using the area above it for storage is a great way to make good use of the space that you have.

Folding Kitchen Table

Regardless of the size of your kitchen, most people like to have a table where they can sit and eat, prepare food, or carry out other activities. Some people, however, don’t have a kitchen big enough for a permanent table or counter space – or don’t want one out all of the time. A great way to overcome this is to get a folding table.
You can either get a folding table which is left out but can be expanded according to the size that you need, or one that can be neatly hidden away in a small space within your kitchen. Some folding tables will also be able to incorporate folding chairs.

Shelving and Wall Storage

We are seeing a rise in the popularity of open shelving or storage in our kitchens in 2020. Items such as crockery can be nicely displayed on shelving for all to see and wall storage such as hooks to hang pots and pans or mugs on are especially popular – mostly in traditional or rustic style kitchens. This can free up valuable cupboard space as well as give you easy access.
Another option for space-saving is a corner shelving unit. Corners are notoriously bad for being used effectively and corner shelving can be an excellent way to use that space. Corner cupboards are also an excellent place to store items like tins or cans.


It is, of course, important to have the right appliances to suit your needs. However, especially if you have a small kitchen, try to keep them to the smallest size that you can get away with. If you are living on your own do you really need an enormous fridge, for example?
You should also think about whether you need all of your appliances in your kitchen. Could you put a washing machine and tumble dryer in a different room? Does the ironing board need to live in the kitchen? By cutting down on the number of things that you have in your kitchen you can be sure that you have more space for the things that you need to have in there.


If you have permanent seating in your kitchen – a window seat or the like, then try adding storage space under the seat. This is an great place to store larger items that you don’t want in the way all of the time, but can also get easy access to.
Space is an important factor in many kitchens – especially in places like London. Whether you have a large or small kitchen, you will almost always want more space, and with a few of these tips, you can make more of it. A bespoke kitchen designer can also help you to create your own space-saving ideas which will be perfectly suited to your kitchen – however it may be.