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Handmade Bespoke Kitchens

Handmade Bespoke Kitchens

Making the Most of a Small Kitchen

Mar 14th, 2018 1:48 pm   
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How to make the most of a small kitchen

Despite often being the busiest room in a family household, kitchens are regularly under-sized when compared to the rest of a floorplan.
This is a common issue in Europe especially, where corridor sized kitchens are the norm in many city apartments, country cottages or town houses.
But how can we fit our indulgent modern living into these minisculespaces? We’ve come up with some handy tips on making the most of kitchen space, no matter how small.

1. White is Alright
To utilise what little space you may have in your kitchen, it is always a worthwhile idea to opt for white tiling, paint work and units. This will allow light to flourish in your kitchen. While spots of colour are certainly acceptable, avoid block areas of dark colours. This will make an already small space seem even smaller

2. Clear Out the Clutter
A vital part of ensuring that your small kitchen space s utilised efficiently is to remove any unnecessary clutter. You do not have to throw out your old cookbooks or those fancy bits of china that your great aunt left you in her will. Instead, store these infrequently used items away and only keep out the utensils and cookbooks that you use on a weekly basis.

3. Use the Awkward Spaces
While this may require some investment in bespoke cupboards, it could well be a transformative one. How often are your corner units just filled with old cake mixing bowls or broken scales? These awkward cupboards are filled with the seldom used equipment because they simply are a pain to reach. However, there are plenty of new, modern, sleek corner cupboard designs that utilise all of the available space and make everything inside incredibly accessible.

4. Use the Walls
People so often neglect to realise that their kitchen walls can be a perfect storage outlet. A few hanging rods, magnet strips and shelving units can allow you to store everything in your tiny kitchen without an issue. You must ensure however, that you do not overfill any wall storage areas, as this can often look messy and do your small space no favours.

5. Folding Furniture
One key factor to ensure that your small kitchen doesn’t becoming overcrowded is to make as much use of floor space as possible. This means that any free-standing furniture may need to go. Instead, it would be advisable to invest in a folding table and chair set. The table, when folded away can be used as storage space, while the chairs can be stored elsewhere. This simple change will ensure that you can still enjoy dinners in the kitchen but you will also be able to utilise the limited floor space and consequentially de-clutter your kitchen.

6. Get Creative
Ensuring that your small kitchen achieves breathing space does not need to cost much money whatsoever. In fact, some clever, homemade alterations can make all the difference. Add some hanging rails on the inside of every cupboard door where you can store tea towels, cooking utensils and more. Use hanging baskets to store your vegetables and fruits. Grab some old bottles and use them to store coffee, tea and even spices. A small kitchen space will require some creative thought…and that is the fun part!

7. Organise Methodically
If you have a kitchen lacking in space, the very worst thing you can do is have disorganised storage spaces. Ensure that the flow of the kitchen makes sense. For example, place all of your cooking appliances next to the oven. Make sure your preparation area is within touching distance of chopping boards etc. These may seem like obvious changes but so often people are overwhelmed with open cupboards and clutter all around the kitchen when cooking. These small alterations will calm the pre-dinner storm that often rears its head in kitchens around the world.

8. Reduce the size of your appliancesEven if you are looking after a family of four, there is still no excuse to cram mammoth appliances in a miniscule kitchen. While American-style fridge freezers and double sized cookers may seem like a fantastically useful luxury, it will soon turn into a frustration that you will regret. Buy appliances with the size of your kitchen in mind. That means small refrigerators, small cooking units, small sink and drainage boards and even small microwaves. Big is definitely not always better, especially if you have very little room to play with.