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Handmade Bespoke Kitchens

Handmade Bespoke Kitchens

Knowing which Type of Kitchen is Right for You

Apr 26th, 2019 9:51 am   
They say that the kitchen is the beating heart of the home. The place where families get together, the substance of life is prepared, and well, we all know that during a party everybody ends up in the kitchen – and that’s not a coincidence!
It is important therefore, that you get the right kitchen for you. One that not only needs to work for you in practical terms, but also fit in well with your home in terms of style.
A bespoke kitchen is the best and most effective way to get the right kitchen for you. It can fit perfectly into the dimensions that you have, giving you all of the features that you love – and leaving those which you aren’t so keen on and making your kitchen a space that you really want to be in.
If you are thinking about getting a bespoke kitchen, however, it is a good idea to know which type of kitchen is right for you. At Stonehouse, our bespoke kitchens have been split into four different types:
  • Traditional
  • Shaker
  • Modern
  • Transitional
With an understanding of what type of kitchen you want, it can be easier to design your ideal ‘heart’ of your home.

1.Traditional Kitchen

A ‘Traditional’ style kitchen does what it says on the tin. It incorporates traditional kitchen features which have been used over the years to create a functional and stylish kitchen. Features such as exquisitely produced door panels and classic design create an elegant and perfectly formed kitchen with features that have stood the test of time.
 Materials are natural yet stylish and the kitchen is comfortable yet functional. It will have soft edges and is the perfect place to get creative, enjoy the hustle and bustle of family life and keep everybody happily fed.
If it is class and luxury in soft colours, and a classic style that you are after, the ‘Traditional’ kitchen is perfect for you.

2.Shaker Kitchen

A ‘Shaker’ kitchen is designed to be both stylish and functional. It involves the meeting of two worlds – the one of utility and practicality, as well as style and class. The kitchens which are designed in the ‘Shaker’ style are named after the religious sect – the Shakers – who put an emphasis on “simplicity, utility and honesty”. Whilst being perfectly simple, useful and honest, a ‘Shaker’ kitchen will also give you a flawless style and over-riding feeling of tranquillity.
The Shaker style is all about being good quality whilst verging on the minimalist, without too much fuss. If you want a stylish yet honest and simple kitchen design, then you should opt for a ‘Shaker’ kitchen to serve up your honest and simple food.

3.Modern Kitchen

Everything is there for a reason in a ‘Modern’ kitchen. With the latest gadgets and technology integrated seamlessly into the design of the ‘Modern’ kitchen, the focus is minimalist, sleek and stylish. Kitchens are creatively designed to be original and innovative, allowing you to produce your culinary masterpieces in an environment that is functional and offers you everything that you want from a modern kitchen.
If you are looking to create pristine food in a pristine space, there is no sign of clutter or fuss in a ‘Modern’ style kitchen, leaving your head clear to concentrate purely on the task at hand.

4.Transitional Kitchen

A ‘Transitional’ kitchen perfectly combines the style and lines of a modern kitchen with the comfort and character of a traditional one. It is in a ‘Transitional’ kitchen that good bespoke kitchen designers really come into their own, being able to make a perfect blend of the two kitchen styles, whilst keeping it subtle, functional, and quite frankly, beautiful.
A ‘Transitional’ kitchen will give you the natural feel of a traditional kitchen with all the mod cons and technological advances and innovation of a modern one.
If you are having a bespoke kitchen designed, it can sometimes be a struggle to get across to the designer, exactly what style of kitchen you are after. By creating categories such as those above, communicating exactly what you want can be a lot easier.
Have a look at some examples of each type of kitchen and make note of some of your favourite features so that the designer can incorporate some of them into your new kitchen. This will ensure that you get the ideal kitchen for you, fitting perfectly into your home and bringing your culinary dreams to life.