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Handmade Bespoke Kitchens

Handmade Bespoke Kitchens

Incorporating Nature into Your London Kitchen

Nov 7th, 2019 12:26 pm   
If you are lucky enough to have a kitchen overlooking a garden, river or green outdoor space you are already enjoying the benefits of nature. Research shows that having a connection with nature improves our quality of life, so why not look for some professional kitchen design inspiration and incorporate the outdoors into your next kitchen renovation?
You can find inspiration and ideas in home and garden magazines, or by browsing kitchen design websites but you can’t beat popping into a top London bespoke kitchen showroom and seeing it for real.   

Fresh air and natural daylight

Bring a sense of brightness and natural daylight into your kitchen. Not only is it very practical to have plenty of light on your work surfaces, it also lifts the mood. There are lots of ways to add more natural light to your new bespoke kitchen.
A great design tip is to make use of your existing doors and windows, but upgrade them to bring in more light and fresh air. Having bi-fold doors and windows makes it easy to throw them open and invite the outdoors in. Use a stable door instead of a full kitchen door so that you easily open the top section but leave the bottom half secure. 

Grow greenery

Kitchens are already full of nature’s bounty with food and vegetables, so why not make use of your pantry by employing it for decorative purposes too. A bowl of citrus fruits will look refreshing on the worktop with a selection of lemons, limes and oranges adding a zesty splash of colour. These long-lasting fruits are also handy for adding peel as a garnish dishes and desserts.
Herbs are the easiest way to “go green” in the kitchen. Line up a few terracotta pots on your windowsill and fill them with rooted herbs from the supermarket. Now you have parsley for garnishing, basil for pizzas and chives for adding to salads.
Another way to add nature to the kitchen is by introducing house plants. Pick simple greens such as succulents, ferns and spider plants, or add colour by incorporating your favorite flower. It’s advised that you arrange them in a planter or hanging basket so they don’t clutter the work surface.
A window box on the outside is a great way to add a splash of colour to your day as you do mundane kitchen chores. Spring bulbs, miniature daffodils, polyanthus and summer bedding plants are a very cheap way to add nature and colour to your kitchen outlook.    

Natural materials

When it comes to kitchen design, consider using natural materials in your new kitchen. Check out polished wood worktops and cool granite rather than acrylic and laminate. Natural stone, slate and polished wood flooring add a subtle statement, connecting you and your kitchen with the elements of nature. Bamboo and coconut coir are very versatile natural resources which can be used for everything from window blinds, lampshades and mats to bowls and serving spoons.
You might want to consider going totally green by having an eco-friendly kitchen made from natural sustainable resources. In the long-term, these biodegradable natural materials are better for you and better for the environment.
Think about having open shelves made of wood or glass. Highlight exposed stone walls or make use of driftwood and gnarled tree roots for a natural design feature.
Kitchen furniture is another good excuse to get back to nature and bring the outdoors in. A picnic table or garden seats are both serviceable and practical, adding a sense of al fresco dining to your garden-themed kitchen.   


Finally, fill those blank walls with pictures and photographs that lift the spirit and celebrate nature. It could be a close-up image of fruit or spices or you could add an inspiring picture of natural beauty such as a mountain stream or a snow-capped mountain.
Whatever your budget, you’ll find lots of ways to include nature in your dream bespoke kitchen.