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Handmade Bespoke Kitchens

Handmade Bespoke Kitchens

How to Marry Your Kitchen & Garden to Create the Perfect Social Space

Nov 7th, 2018 4:20 pm   

Kitchens are no longer just for cooking. These days, they’re the heart and soul of your home. Whether you’re looking to be an amazing hostess, or have a kitchen that’s Pinterest worthy; these tips will help make your kitchen the perfect social space. 
Create an open space 
Arguably the easiest way to turn your kitchen into a more social area is by opening it up to another space in the home, such as the living room or dining room. Joining these rooms to create one open space means that people can enjoy the cooking and eating aspect of a meal together, rather than in different rooms. Creating a larger space also means than you can entertain more guests comfortably in one social area.

Connect your kitchen and garden 

Make the most of the summer months with a handmade kitchen design that links the inside with the outside. The garden provides the ultimate outdoor entertaining spot and offers plenty of additional social space for guests. Any outdoor space can easily be transformed into a social hub, be it for informal barbecues or elegant summer parties.
Optimise your open plan kitchen space by designing it to flow seamlessly out to an adjacent outdoor space. Here are 5 clever ways to open your kitchen up to your garden:
  1. Wall-to-wall and floor-to-ceiling patio doors will extend your room and make the most of the natural light, while creating a smooth transition from inside to out.
  2. Match the interior design of your kitchen space with your garden to make the transition from inside to out seamless. For instance, choose a natural palette that compliments the garden and try to colour-match internal flooring with external decking.
  3. Keep the interior kitchen space on the same level as the garden to create the sense of an uninterrupted flow between inside and out.
  4. Turn your garden into a proper outdoor room with a comfortable seating area. Choose a colour scheme in shades that compliment the kitchen decor.
  5. Add skylights which allow light to flood into the room and create an airy, bright space.
Make the most of natural light
Making the most of natural light is a great way to keep a room feeling airy and welcoming, and can even help a space feel larger than it actually is. Using large double doors or windows provide a seamless connection to the outdoors, and also have the added bonus of allowing fresh air and natural light to come through the window and into the room.
Provide comfortable seating  

Seating is definitely something you need to consider carefully when creating a social kitchen. If you want people to feel relaxed and enjoy each others company, then it’s important that you provide enough seating options for all of your guests. Cushioned benches can provide comfortable additional seating, that can then be stored away under counters or tables when not in use.
Kitchen islands and bar stools 
Kitchen islands are ideal for people wanting to turn their kitchen into an inviting social hub. Modern kitchen islands come in a variety of styles and offer the ultimate multitasking space, with plenty of additional storage and worktop areas. The additional space provided by the island can also be used as a work zone or breakfast bar. Adding bar stools offers comfortable, stylish seating for guests in the centre of the social space, and allows interaction between you and your guests when preparing food.
Get organised
It is much more inviting for guests to arrive to a clear and tidy space. Think carefully about what needs to be stored or presented in your kitchen and how to do it. Deep drawers provide easy access and are a great way to store things like plates, pots and pans. Maximise the space you have available to avoid cluttering work surfaces.
Provide eat-in kitchen seating 

Provide at least one eat-in kitchen seating area that combines both your kitchen and dining areas. This provides people with an place to sit and feel comfortable socialising. The informal, efficient design of an eat-in kitchen is ideal for today's casual, fast-paced lifestyle and helps create a relaxed, welcoming environment for your guests.
Final thought

Kitchens are no longer simply a space for preparing food; nowadays they are the social hub of your home. Creating an open floor space is arguably the best way to turn your kitchen into a social space. Connecting your kitchen with the garden is a great way to create a large social space, where guests can sit indoors or outdoors and still be together.