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Handmade Bespoke Kitchens

Handmade Bespoke Kitchens

How an Island Can Improve Your Kitchen Space

Jul 18th, 2019 9:21 am   
When it comes to home improvements of all kinds, kitchen renovation is one of the most valuable and potentially life changing things you can do for your property. There are plenty of elements to consider when committing to a new kitchen design including home value, visual appeal, practicality and, perhaps most importantly, space.

There is no doubt that in any kitchen space large enough to accommodate one, a kitchen island is a fantastic route to take. They are more popular now that they have been in decades, and there are plenty of reasons for this.

Chief among those reasons is space, so let’s take a further look at the multiple pros without any cons! Here are the most significant ways of how an island designed by Stonehouse Furniture can really improve and enhance your bespoke kitchen.

Extra Storage

We all picture an extra surface when imagining a kitchen island in our homes, but another benefit that doesn’t always comes to mind is the fact that you get a whole extra amount of storage as well.

The majority of good quality kitchen islands come equipped with lots of different drawers and cabinets within the design and having these as an option in your kitchen means that the rest of your counters and surfaces don’t have to be so cluttered.

By adding another surface and leg height storage options, you are automatically making the rest of your kitchen less cluttered because you are then able to spread your possessions and kitchen gadgets around more sparingly. You can also organise things more efficiently, being able to group like items together more conveniently. This helps to make your entire kitchen look and feel airier and more spacious.

Great for Kids

One of the best family style benefits of a kitchen island is that it provides a space that can be utilized by lots of people at the same time.

For example, you can be stood at the counters prepping for your evening meal, and your children can have a space on the island to be getting on with their homework, close enough to you so that they can get help when they need to. Having the benefit of this extra surface within the kitchen makes it much more of a communal room.

It is important for families to be together in the evenings for meals and communication, and the organic space that an island provides for this purpose should not be underestimated.

Extra Seating

If you want to design it that way, a kitchen island can provide seating as well as a worksurface and storage.  The seating can be used for family meals, an area for the kids to work or play or may provide the extra space needed when hosting , if your space is a kitchen/dining room.

If you have a large kitchen with no island, it makes the space null and void in terms of making it practical for hosting, but when you have an island, you automatically have an extra table and chairs that can be utilised instantly.

There is something about sitting at a proper table surface where chairs are designed to be rather than having them scattered all over the place that immediately makes the area look smarter and more streamlined.


Sometimes the benefits of space are seen through the versatility in an object, and the surface of a kitchen island certainly provides that sought after kind of versatility. You once might have had to sacrifice a working kitchen counter for a buffet spread or homemade bar area, you can now use the kitchen and make it a completely balanced and dedicated section.

Being able to use the kitchen island as the central food and drinks surface of a party means that you can still use all of your kitchen counters to actually prepare the items. It stops things from becoming muddled and also makes clean up a lot easier afterwards.

You can also build in an extra sink, or double sinks which makes the whole set up even more functional.

Another thing to mention is that you may consider a mobile island. Mobile islands tend to be smaller than a static construction, but they still have the benefits outlined in this article.

Lots of Added Style

From a purely aesthetic level, it’s fair to say that having a kitchen island adds a lot of style and substance to a cooking area, and sometimes that extra bit of style can really make a kitchen look more spacious even though it physically takes up floor space.
Your kitchen island can be the anchor of your kitchen but also used to divide a living space such as this example where the sinuous island is used to separate the kitchen from a lounge area.

A kitchen island is bang on trend and improves the style, functionality, and versatility of your kitchen. Check out our portfolio of designs featuring islands of all sorts or pop into one of our showrooms for a close up look of what we can achieve for your kitchen.