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Handmade Bespoke Kitchens

Handmade Bespoke Kitchens

Everything you Need for a Modern Kitchen

Feb 10th, 2020 4:28 pm   
If you look back over time you will notice that kitchens haven’t really changed much. The essence of what they are is still the same – a place where food is prepared and usually stored. We are now seeing, however, more and more people using their kitchens for entertaining, spending time with their family, and often just living their daily life.
A ‘modern kitchen’ is one which not only follows the trends in terms of decoration but also has everything thing that you need for it to function in the best way that is possible – including the latest technology. We could also add in that today, a modern kitchen should also be as ‘green’ and eco-friendly as possible.

Bespoke Kitchen

For a modern kitchen that really works for you and your specific needs, a bespoke kitchen is usually the way to go. This means that you can talk through everything that you want and need in your new kitchen and a professional designer can help to ensure that it is just as you have always dreamt of.
A professional kitchen designer can make sure that your new kitchen has a good flow and is built to perfectly suit the needs of you and your family as well as give it the style that you are after. This means that if you want an area to wash your gardening boots, you can have one! Or, if you want a breakfast bar, island, or dining table in the middle of the room, you can work out how to fit that in – within reason, of course!


Although you want your kitchen to be modern and follow the most recent trends, it is still important to make it last as long as possible. You don’t, after all, want to be having to change it within a few years. Some trends are useful and look like they’re here to stay.
Open-plan kitchens, for example, give you the chance to enjoy your space and be with the family and friends whilst you are preparing food. These are very popular – and this is unlikely to going to change any time soon.
Some other trends we are seeing at the moment include:
  • The minimalist style with its sleek and clean lines and lots of storage space
  • The ’steam-punk’ look which includes exposed brickwork and pipes, a mixture of metal and stone or wood, and dark, industrial colours
  • Open storage displaying your favourite crockery or kitchen utensils
  • The incorporation of technology into all aspects of the kitchen

Technology and Appliances

Another area where we are always seeing advancements is in the appliances and technology which you have in your kitchen. Whether you are going to have a super-energy-efficient washing machine, a smart fridge, or a voice-activated personal assistant set up, a modern kitchen would have everything that you need to enhance your experience in the kitchen.
Of course, not everyone would want everything, but if you are planning on getting a new, modern kitchen is it certainly worthwhile looking at what the latest technology has to offer.
Some of the latest kitchen technology includes:
  • Smart fridges
  • Energy and water-efficient appliances
  • Smart kettles
  • Smart ovens
  • Hidden oven hobs
  • Boiling water taps
  • Changeable lighting
This technology and modern appliances can often be integrated into a modern kitchen – by installing a dishwasher, for example, behind a kitchen cabinet. Hidden hobs mean that you don’t even notice them unless you are using them – which can add to the overall sleek look of a modern, minimalist kitchen.


With more and more emphasis being placed on our impact on the planet it is important that our newest kitchens are as eco-friendly as possible. Doing this can include factors such as installing energy and water-efficient appliances, using recycled or sustainable materials, or materials that can be cleaned using natural products.

Made for You

The influence that technology is having on society as a whole is meaning that we are able to customise everything that we do to suit our own individual wants and needs. Whether it is a shopping experience, or customising our clothes, we are increasingly being able to streamline our lives and carve out what we want for ourselves. And kitchens are no different.
In fact, a truly modern kitchen is based around allowing us to use the technology and styles which are available to us to create exactly the kind of kitchen that suits us and the lives that we lead – and are wanting to lead.