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Handmade Bespoke Kitchens

Handmade Bespoke Kitchens

Designing A Functional Kitchen with Style

Sep 16th, 2019 1:38 pm   
Today, we are currently seeing a trend in the rise of the kitchen as an area in the house where we want to spend more and more time. Whether it is time to spend cooking, entertaining or living as a family, being able to use our kitchens means the design needs to be functional, but they also need to be a space where we want to spend our time is becoming increasingly important in life in the 21st century.

Estate agents will tell you that the kitchen is one of the most important rooms in the home for potential buyers, and this importance that we place on them is the reason why our kitchens need to be both functional as a kitchen but stylish and a place where you want to spend your time.

This will mainly come down to how the kitchen is designed, so here are some things to consider when you are thinking about designing a stylish kitchen which functions perfectly for you:

1.Know what you want

Some people are after just a room for cooking in, whereas others want a room to live their family life in. To be able to design the right kitchen for you, you need to know what it is that you want – both in terms of functionality and in style. Of course, this might be limited by the amount of space that you have, but you should think about whether you want to be able to entertain there. Do you have pets? Would you like your family to be able to eat together in the kitchen? Then think about if you would like a sleek and modern kitchen, one full of gadgets, a country-style, rustic kitchen or a more traditional one.

2.Get some design help

If you are struggling with either the concept of your functional, yet stylish kitchen, think about going to a showroom for some design advice. Kitchen design experts, Stonehouse’s London showroom is an excellent place to go to get ideas and discuss them with designers.

3.Storage Space

Storage space is something that you will almost certainly not have enough of in most kitchens. When you are thinking about designing your new kitchen try to come up with as many ideas as you can for storage space. This could be in a simple form of cupboard space or more ingenious ideas. You can speak to friends and family about their storage space ideas – think about bench seating that can also be used for storage, knife racks which are incorporated into your kitchen worktop, magnetic spice racks, corner cupboard storage or fold away tables that can come out only when they are needed, for example. Your functional storage ideas should be able to be incorporated into your kitchen style ideas.

4.Kitchen Planning

If you are designing a new kitchen from scratch, try thinking about what you like and dislike about your current kitchen in terms of where things are. For example, it can be useful to have your sink close to your hob so that pans of water to be drained can be moved easily, quickly and safely. If you have a dishwasher it can be easier and quicker to unload if you keep your crockery cupboard close by and ensuring that you have somewhere big enough to have your bins (including your recycle bins) could also be important.
Make sure that you have enough worktop space to create your culinary masterpieces and that it is lit up well enough for you to be able to cook at any time of the day or night.

You should also think about your requirement for electricity and make sure that there are enough sockets available. As with most other things in our lives, cooking is becoming increasingly technology-driven, and you will almost certainly have many appliances that need to be plugged in (from the fridge to phone chargers, to food processors and smart speakers). It is important to think about where and how you are going to power these.


Even if you have a traditional-style kitchen, you are still able to use the technology that can make life easier for you. These can often be disguised, giving you the technological help without make your kitchen look odd.

Smart fridges and freezers can be controlled by an app on your phone, and a simple tablet stand can help to read and follow recipes without being limited to a recipe book with the pages stuck together.

Designing a perfectly functional yet stylish kitchen is very possible, especially if you do some research and involve expert designers. As long as you are clear about what you want there is no reason why you cannot create a kitchen which works like and looks like the kitchen of your dreams.