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Handmade Bespoke Kitchens

Handmade Bespoke Kitchens

Creating a Shaker Kitchen

Aug 14th, 2018 9:55 am   
Shaker style cabinets are elegant timeless classics because they are so versatile and compliment any kitchen due to its elegant, simplistic, and unfussy design. The core principles of shaker designs are simplicity, utility, and honesty. This wide range of versatility makes it hard to given general advice on how to create a shaker style kitchen, as it is used to create both rustic style country kitchens and used in a more contemporary setting to marry modern kitchens to a more classic model. Here are some general tips on how features of a shaker kitchen can be adapted to meet the style of kitchen you desire.

Wooden, Panelled Units

Wooden, panelled units are an essential element for creating a shaker style kitchen. Cherry or Maple wood create beautifully crafted cabinets that create a rustic panelled look. Natural woods such as theses are easy to paint with a matte colour such as cream or a muted green or a pale grey-blue or even grey.
The handles on these cabinets are usually big, oversized wooden or china knobs. These make for a fantastic rustic feeling shaker kitchen.
If you are looking for something more contemporary you could always try white panel with sleeker, copper handles that combines that classic panelled look with stylish modern sleekness.
Wooden Peg Rail
No rustic shaker kitchen is complete without the wooden peg. This peg rail is usually a strip of wood that has wooden pegs attached to allow you hang herbs, pots and pans, coats or even dogs leads from. This leads to the rustic country vibe of shaker kitchens.
If you are going for a more contemporary feel this is one traditional element you may want to leave, as it doesn’t fit well with more modern feeling units.

Display Shelving

Shaker kitchens use open shelving that allows you to display your ceramic jars, your glass pots full of pasta, rice, or lentils, the jugs you’re growing herbs in or stylish olive oil pots. Baskets are a great way to maximise that country feel and provide you with a way to hide some of the more unsightly but practical items. The simpler the solution the better.
The one thing a shaker kitchen should never do is overly rely on unit doors.
Free Standing Wooden Furniture
Free standing wooden furniture, such as a wooden table, can add charm and character to your kitchen. These kinds of items create the friendly and relaxing environment that shaker kitchens are renowned for.

Tongue and Groove Panelling

Tongue and groove panelling on the central island, as a splashback or as a back drop on open display shelving is a fantastic way to create a rustic feeling even in the most contemporary of settings. This panelling can be painted in a more modern colour and retain it rustic charm.
Islands or old-style dressers also work well to increase the display shelfing you have in the kitchen to show off your best china and ceramics.

Colour Scheme

The colour scheme of shaker kitchens is usually simple and understated. A light cream, muted green, grey or pale blue are ideal colours that are typically used in a shaker kitchen. Sometime a deep blue or accented red can be used to create an impact on one statement piece in the kitchen, but this doesn’t work for all kitchens and it should be limited to one piece. A great item to use this effect on is the island.
To create a kitchen with character it is best to combine two different colours or natural finishes as it creates a contrast. It is best to keep it simple and understated – so if you are adding colour to the cabinets keep the wall more natural and simple. If you are adding colour to the wall keep the units more natural and simple. It is best to avoid complicate and busy patterns.


For a traditional and more rustic shaker style kitchen, wooden worktops are recommended. It creates a classic country vibe and is in line with keeping everything simple yet elegant.
For the more contemporary shaker style kitchen a composite worktop with a glossy or shiny finish can add a touch of character. This glossy and shiny finish compliments the copper handle bars of a more contemporary shaker cabinet.  
Do you want to keep the rustic, warm, and homely feeling to your kitchen but want to introduce more modern and contemporary elements? Our designers are here to help you design your kitchen the way that you want it.

If you would like to experience one of our shaker designs first hand, we have beautiful new showroom in Fulham where we have a modern and architectural shaker kitchen which illustrates the skill and craftsmanship of a true British furniture manufacturer.