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Handmade Bespoke Kitchens

Handmade Bespoke Kitchens

Creating a Modern Kitchen

Jul 16th, 2018 8:33 am   

The kitchen is the heart of the home. It doesn’t only have to be practical and functional to serve the family, but it also has to be well crafted master-piece that will make visitors both feel welcome and a little envious. A modern kitchen is a fantastic way to merge a practical working space with a beautifully decorated space that will be the talk of the town. Here is some advice on how to perfect the modern kitchen.

Ordered Geometric Shape with Clean Lines

A modern kitchen is all about creating a functional, minimalistic space with linear designs. The best modern kitchens are stripped back to the bare essentials. The lack of clutter put an emphasis on the natural lines and angles of the kitchen. This creates a stylish aesthetic of the natural features of the kitchen such as the cabinets and the worktop. Handless cabinets are a great stylistic design choice in modern kitchens. The lack of handles stresses the square, flat, and angular nature of the cabinets through its grooved recesses to aid opening. Highlighting the clean geometric lines and angles of the kitchen is central to craft a kitchen that is breath-takingly beautiful. This creates an ordered and controlled space that is the cornerstone of modern kitchens. 
Handless cabinets are not always the most practical of choices. Metal handles are also a popular choice for contemporary kitchens.

Organised and Spacious Work Areas

Uncluttered work surfaces are key to designing a modern kitchen. Some kitchen gadgets are both functional and excellent decorative items that just look simply dazzling on the worktop counter; however, having too many machines on display can make a kitchen feel cluttered and busy. They can hide or distract people from noticing the beautiful worktop, and the sharp, clean lines of the geometric shapes you worked so hard to incorporate.
Planning a kitchen that has tambour units and deep drawers is key to creating storage space to keep the useful but unsightly appliances tucked away. Organise storage space for kitchen usage as well – pan drawers are better nearer to the oven, larders are great when they are nearer to the preparation areas and crockery is better nearer a dishwasher or sink.

Composite Worktops that Dazzle

Composite worktops are better than natural stone in a modern kitchen. They come in a wider range of colours, are less porous, and are easier to maintain. Plain white worktops capture the very essence of the minimalistic feel that modern kitchens strife to encapsulate. Many composite worktops replicate the more expensive, and less durable marble countertops perfectly if you prefer your kitchen less clinical and more classical. They are fantastic for creating splashbacks that compliment your worktops. 

Choose Appliance Carefully

Appliances chosen for a modern kitchen should match the tone and style.
The best modern kitchens use integrated cooking appliances set within high kitchen units to create a functional area, where it is easier to multitask when cooking a meal. This usually means an integrated oven and microwave at a high level with a shiny induction hob set squarely within the worktop. The integrated hob evokes a sleek, futuristic and orderly feeling by creating some of those strong clean lines.
An integrated solution is not to every bodies taste. If you want to keep a more traditional range cooker in your kitchen it is important to choose cookers with clean lines that emphasis the stripped back minimalist feel. Steel model cookers like a Smeg or Rangemaster would fit in nicely to a modern, straight-edged kitchen.
It is best to hide fridges and freezers behind cabinet doors to maintain the uniform angles and colour schemes. If possible, we also suggest place washing machines and tumble dryers in utility rooms to create extra storage space and make the room less busy.

Choose your Colour Scheme Carefully

The colour scheme you choose for a kitchen can play a huge part in how it feels. White is a colour that has always been associated closely with modernity and the future because it incorporates that minimalistic feeling. To create a modern feeling colour scheme that doesn’t feel too clinical it is best to use white in conjunction with another colour. For a sophisticated feel add in shades of grey or black to contrast the white. For a fun feeling add a bright colour.

Make it Gleam with a Gloss Finish

A modern kitchen should feel spacious, orderly, and most importantly gleam. A perfect way to create this feeling in a kitchen is with glossy surfaces that reflect light across the room. This makes the kitchen gleam and feels super bright. Using a balanced and light colour scheme is the secret to making your kitchen feel bigger and more spacious.
If you need some advice on how to create a functional but beautiful kitchen that maximizes space our designers are always happy to help.

If you are based in or around London and are considering a bespoke modern kitchen for your home, we have recently opened a brand new showroom in Fulham. We welcome you to come in and experience our kitchens in person, and have a consultation with one of our experts.