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Handmade Bespoke Kitchens

Handmade Bespoke Kitchens

Creating a designer kitchen to suit your space

Mar 29th, 2018 3:40 pm   
Creating a designer kitchen in the U.K. can often seem like a daunting task. The variation in housing designs from different time periods means that kitchens range in size from the inexplicable small to the overwhelmingly large.
However, whatever size your kitchen is, it is often the heart of your home and with a few small adjustments, you can transform a tired looking room into an incredible designer kitchen to be very proud of.
When you are looking to re-create a kitchen, some may have a tendency to overload with patterned tiles, new flooring, elaborate colours and seldom used accessories. However, this often leads to a kitchen that looks overcrowded and clustered.
Firstly, always opt for symmetry, especially if the space you are working with is comparatively small. Ensure that the cabinets that you select are all of the same shape and size. A variation of cabinets often end up looking like a jumbled mess.
In terms of colours, the Shaker palette is always an ideal solution to ensure that your kitchen looks like a designers dream. Creams, light greys and muted primary colours will make your kitchen feel sleek and spacious.
Make use of the natural light that enters your kitchen. Even if the size of windows in your kitchen are small, you should make the most of it. Daylight will allow your new kitchen to breathe, so ensure that your new design is centred on this. Making the most of natural light will also mean spending less on artificial lighting, which can become an extremely expensive venture.
If you want to bring something different to your new designer kitchen, why not go for a vintage look. This is a really cheap way to give your kitchen a unique look, without too much of an overhaul.
Firstly, a vintage kitchen colour palette gives you plenty of room for manoeuvre. Bright reds and blues will bring some warmth into the kitchen, as will vintage pastel colours. However, do not overload your kitchen with colour. Use the aforementioned colours to accessorize your kitchen rather than burden it. Why not pay a quick visit to a local charity store and pick up some brightly coloured accessories that are sure to give your kitchen a designer vintage edge.
Another great way to create a vintage look is to distress your furniture. Sand down your wooden table or cabinets to create that imperfect look that is so akin to the vintage style. This is also a great way to save money, as you will avoid having to buy brand new furniture.
Open storage is perhaps the key feature of a vintage kitchen, especially glass-fronted cabinets. These allow for you to present your kitchen items in a clever way for all to see. If you would really rather not display your old china, then grab some super cheap plates, cups and other kitchenware that will fit in perfectly with a vintage style.
Another classic way to get your dream designer kitchen is to go for a monochrome look. This is perhaps the most aesthetically striking design and allows you to go a little crazy with accessorizing, which is always fun!
Firstly, you must stick to predominantly black and white features, with elegant décor. Adding some red in certain accessories is also a great idea and will complement the monochrome theme.
Why not try some black “subway” style tiling for the walls. This is a striking option that is complimented by bulky white accessories. The whole idea of a monochrome design is boldness. This should be put to practice in everything in the kitchen, from the surface finishes to a variation of textures.
Whether you plump for a simple style, a vintage wonderland or a monochrome masterpiece, do not be afraid to get your hands dirty if you are on a budget. Re-designing your kitchen to mirror any of these styles may seem like an overwhelming task if you are counting your pennies. However, there is no need to waste money on brand new appliances or a modern countertop. A few simple touches and additions will ensure that you impress anyone who enters your home and that you achieve the designer kitchen that you so desired.
We’d like to thank Stonehouse Bespoke Kitchen Designers for this insight.