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Handmade Bespoke Kitchens

Handmade Bespoke Kitchens

Capturing London In Your Bespoke Kitchen

Oct 3rd, 2019 11:42 am   
Some people like their house to be a haven from the outside world. They like to be able to step into their home and into another universe. Other people, however, like to be able to reflect where they are living into their home. For some people who live in the countryside this might mean having a country-style kitchen, or if you live in an old house in a village, that might mean a traditional village kitchen.
For people who are living in London, it is possible to capture some aspects of London in your kitchen – especially if you are designing a bespoke kitchen. One good way to see what it popular in London kitchens is to visit a London bespoke kitchen showroom.

Having a Bespoke Kitchen

The best thing about having a bespoke kitchen is that you can design it completely according to what you want. You can make it exactly the style that you wish for, with all of the functionality that is important to you.
It means that you can work with a talented designer who can make your kitchen wishes come true both in terms of style and how you want it to work for you.
If you are wanting to capture certain aspects of London in your bespoke kitchen, there are a number of aspects that you can consider.

The Mixture of Old and New

One of the most striking things about London is that it has a rich mixture of old and new. London has buildings which go back centuries yet is continually being added to with some of the most modern buildings in the world. This mixture is something that gives London some of its unique character and this can be incorporated into your kitchen.
You can use a mixture of different materials, representing the ‘old’ with stone or wood, and the ‘new’ with glass and stainless steel, for example. This juxtaposition of materials can leave to an interesting and unique kitchen, which is stylish but also very functional.

Smooth Incorporation of Modern Technology

Another important characteristic that we see in London is its ability to seamlessly incorporate modern technology into its buildings regardless of how old it is. This can also be included into your kitchen. Whether you want a smart fridge, modern gadgets, hidden LED lighting or virtual assistants, there are ways to incorporate these into your kitchen smoothly and effortlessly.
This enables you to have a kitchen with style but has all the mod cons and functional ease – just like London.

World Influences

Another characteristic that we are seeing across London is influences from all around the world. Whether it is the huge amounts of tourists, pockets of communities, restaurants or other cultural aspects, London has managed to take some of the best things about the world over.
This is also possible in your kitchen. You can easily keep the style ‘British’ but add touches of other places in the world that you like or have travelled to – with crockery, cooking utensils or general decoration. You could choose to use Jamaican style tiling, Mediterranean style flooring or the sleek, minimalist lines of a Scandinavian kitchen, for example.


One of the most common characteristics that people use to describe London is ‘edgy’ and ‘trendy’. As well as being multi-cultural, traditional and steeped in history, it is also a very young city in terms of its inhabitants. It’s a place where anything goes, individuality is easily accepted, and art is celebrated.
You can also incorporate this into your kitchen, especially through the use of appliances and decoration. You could use a vintage-style food mixer, funky lighting, one wall of exposed brick, a steam-punk feature or some framed pieces of your favourite artwork, for example.

London Culture

There is certainly a strong ‘foodie’ culture in London, which is being increasingly reflected in kitchens across the capital. Big kitchens which give you room to cook socially, chat, hang out with family and friends, eat, do homework, play with pets and do anything else that you fancy are all the rage at the moment.
Not everyone can have a large kitchen, however, so the job of a great bespoke kitchen designer is to design a space with the style and as much functionality as they possibly can.
Whilst being a functional room, the kitchen is also a room that can impressively mirror the essence of a place. You have many options to consider, including the work surface type, tiling, flooring, storage space, colour scheme and decoration as well as the general style, and with a good designer, you can make it the kitchen that you’ve always dreamt of.