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Handmade Bespoke Kitchens

Handmade Bespoke Kitchens

Bringing the Outdoors In - 5 Reasons Why Nature in the Kitchen is Beneficial

Nov 21st, 2018 11:05 am   
According to the journal Environment and Behavior, the benefits of communing with nature are far reaching and important to living a satisfactory and healthy life. While spending some time outside every day is ideal, it’s not always possible, which is why bringing the outdoors in is so vital to good health. In fact, there are many benefits to incorporating a bit of the outside into your indoor space. There are many ways to do this and the kitchen is a prime place to give it a try and the following perks are just a few of the benefits that can be enjoyed.

It improves your mood
Research links spending time in nature to an improved mood. And it doesn’t have to be spent in a large park or at the beach. Just being in your own garden has the power to boost positive feelings and stem negative ones. When sitting outside isn’t possible, bring the goodness of the outdoors into your kitchen by growing herbs on your windowsill, filling your fruit bowl with fresh goodness or hanging a couple of houseplants in the window. You might notice a better mood if you have breakfast by the window where you can see your lawn, flowers, and vegetables growing.
It offers stress relief
A second reason to bring the outdoors in is that being surrounded by plants is the stress relief benefits. Most people have experienced the positive effects of taking a walk or relaxing in the garden for lunch. A recent study found that people who spent time walking in a wooded area experienced a reduction in the production of the stress hormone cortisol and had a lower recorded blood pressure. Obviously, it’s not always possible to take a walk in the woods but placing plants in the kitchen and using candles or incense with a pine tree scent can emulate the positive effects of the study.
It increases age expectancy
Living longer is a goal for many people and studies show that people who live near a green space or a park are predicted to add a few years to their lives. The reason is that living in a dense urban area without any exposure to plants, trees, and flowers creates a breakdown in the body on the psychological, social and physical levels that are similar to the effects that scientists see in animals that have been removed from their natural habitat. Having windows in the kitchen is an easy way to ensure that you are exposed to nature. Even if the view is another building, plants can be placed in pots or window boxes to create a similar effect.
It promotes healing
People who have undergone surgery or other medical treatments have been shown to heal faster when they are exposed to the great outdoors. Even if exposure occurs through the window, healing was reported to be healthier and speedier in studies. For people who suffer from health problems or who are recovering from an injury or surgery, sitting in a kitchen window, adding a few plants to the space, or even using cleaning supplies with a natural scent can help with the process of getting better.
It promotes better energy
Nature is also linked to higher energy levels and better sleep, according to a variety of studies. When you “bathe” in sunlight first thing in the morning, you are energised, resulting in increased productivity throughout the day. Large windows in the kitchen makes it easy to feel and see the bright sun in the morning. When the day starts off in such a way, you are able to complete the daily to-do list, relax, and get to bed on time. In addition to waking you up in the morning, nature also has the ability to help you relax and get adequate amounts of sleep at night, which makes for better mornings.
There are several ways to bring nature into the kitchen to reap the benefits outlined above.
  • Grow herbs on the windowsill. There are also strains of fruits and vegetables that can be grown in containers so if you have room, consider mini fruit trees like olives, blueberries, citrus fruits and chillies.
  • Growing plants and herbs right where you prepare meals is the simplest way to bring nature indoors.
  • Paint the kitchen a soothing green colour to emulate the effects of nature when it isn’t possible to get outside.
  • Use natural woods and stone in fittings and furniture where possible
  • A fresh arrangement of flowers or a flowering plant is a nice touch
  • Avoid window coverings that block out the light
  • Have a small indoor water feature and if you believe in the power of feng shui, make sure it is in the right position.
Having a bright welcoming handmade kitchen that embraces nature is not only visually pleasing but you’ll feel the physiological and psychological benefits too.