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Handmade Bespoke Kitchens

Handmade Bespoke Kitchens

Bespoke Kitchen Trends For 2020

Dec 19th, 2019 10:41 am   
The new year is a time of new beginnings. And what better way to begin the new year than with a brand new, up to date, bespoke kitchen? As we come into 2020, we are seeing a rise in technology in our kitchens, a strengthening relationship between ourselves, our lives and our kitchens, and a hankering for homely yet modern interior decoration.

Kitchen trends in 2020 are looking more exciting and cutting edge than ever and you can see some examples of them in our London showroom. But in the meantime, here’s a peek at what’s to come for bespoke kitchens in the new year…


With technology taking a more integral part in our lives we are beginning to see it becoming increasingly incorporated into kitchens. Smart fridges and voice assistants are on the increase, giving you more control and ease over your life. Integrated appliances mean that your kitchen can look sleeker and less cluttered whilst being just as easy to use and effective as a kitchen.

Other technology like flat screens are increasingly being installed into kitchens – giving you the benefits of having a screen in your kitchen without taking up any extra space. The modern, bespoke kitchen is streamlined and pristine looking whilst doing everything that it needs to, to be the heart of the home.


One of the biggest changes that we are beginning to see in bespoke kitchens is a move away from the grey which has dominated the market for such a long time. Although greys and whites are still present there will be a greater introduction of darker but natural colours, highlighting certain aspects of the kitchen and giving it more depth. Dark greys, dark blues and greens are all becoming increasingly popular.

We are also seeing trends in more industrial colours – such as metals like copper – being used for highlights in the kitchen. This fits in well with the ‘steampunk’-type style which we are seeing more of – and that we’ll talk about in a minute.


More than ever we are beginning to see a fusion of modern materials with rustic, homely feeling materials. Granite, marble or wooden work surfaces are becoming more popular, giving a modern kitchen a rustic touch.
We are seeing more exposed brickwork, exposed metal pipes and a real link to the outside world and nature.


In terms of style, there are a number of ways that a 2020 bespoke kitchen can go. One of the most popular styles is the ‘steampunk’ style. This style is about fusing a modern look with industrial machinery. It involves showing the mechanics of a machine but in a sleek and modern way. In terms of kitchens, it involves the use of metal to highlight certain features such as lights, exposed pipes and brickwork.

Another feature in the 2020 kitchen style is the marrying of traditional, rustic features with a modern and clean-looking style. This could be through creating rustic, bespoke furniture to leaving traditional beams exposed. Here, you can get the best of both worlds – a homely kitchen which is the beating heart of the home, without the clutter and disorganisation. This style is created by the use of traditional style furniture, open shelving or the use of great quality, natural materials.


More than ever, we are wanting our kitchens to be many things – somewhere to cook, entertain, spend time with the family, eat or something else. This means that we need our kitchens to be adaptable according to what we want from it at any given time. We also need it to be a room where we want to spend our time, be comfortable, be organised and be easy to be in.

This is much better achieved through having a bespoke kitchen designed and fitted as it gives you the opportunity to discuss with a designer exactly what your specific wants and needs are. It gives you the chance to incorporate the technology which is important to you – whether it is a smart fridge or having a station for your tablet which displays recipes, fold-away tables ideal for homework, area for your pet to sleep, innovative storage ideas, sleek edges giving a feeling of more space or techniques to allow as much natural light in as possible.

When it comes to kitchen trends in 2020 it is easy to see that we are heading towards functional kitchens which do everything that we need them to, but designed in a stylish and modern way, whilst allowing us to give a nod towards some traditional aspects.
For more ideas about the options of having a new, bespoke kitchen, why not take a visit to our London showroom?