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Handmade Bespoke Kitchens

Handmade Bespoke Kitchens

A Classic Shaker Kitchen - Case Study

Jan 25th, 2018 7:18 pm   
Sophisticated, understated and clean, a Shaker kitchen is perhaps one of the few perennial classic kitchen designs that remains steadfast in its popularity.

Named after the religious group that broke away from the Quakers in 18th century Britain, Shakers prided themselves on their simplicity in style using quality craftsmanship and local materials.

This refrain of superior technique and modest stylings with hints of soft colour has remained evergreen and the style is now adapted in a variety of homes across the world, including this fantastically elegant kitchen in Richmond.

“The key to finding that timeless Shaker style is simplicity and comfort”, states Dominic Hallam-Lucas, the man behind this design. “Combining the clean, linear feel while also maintaining a familial warmth can be a challenge but we feel we have accomplished exactly that”.

A key feature of Shaker kitchens is an island centrepiece which becomes the hub of room.
“The kitchen island retains the clean lines and simplicity of the room, with some additional, classic Shaker touches. The storage within the island is vast and will help in assuring that all clutter that could potentially leak out onto countertops is safely tucked away out of sight. The addition of a slatted wooden storage space underneath the island injected some Shaker tradition into this free-standing centre-piece”.

Hallam-Lucas explained that the lack of natural light in the room persuaded the owners to choose marble countertops over the more traditional wooden variety.

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“The counter-tops were perhaps the biggest compromised in this design. The owners of the property wanted classic Shaker but we felt that wooden counters would detract from the room. With only one, small source of natural light, we felt that bright, clean counters would be the most appropriate option.”

The lack of natural light in the room also called for a number of light fittings to help illuminate this beautiful kitchen.
“The eight spotlights above the island were an easy decision, as this simply illuminates the key feature of the room. However, we also had to find a way to deal with the two recesses hosting the oven and sink. These two spaces needed to be symmetrical sources of light for the room, for practical purposes more than anything. We used a number of spotlights to illuminate the sink area and storage spaces above, to really open up the space. We used a more complex source of light for the oven area. Two alcoves were built in the recess, which not only expanded the space but allowed for some subtle, natural lighting to flow into the kitchen”.

Hallam-Lucas revealed that the kitchen was an elaborate project that grew in expense as the design neared conclusion. However, he revealed that it was his most exciting project to date.

“The Shaker kitchen is such an absorbing design. Its clean, simple look is unrivalled in my opinion and its versatility means that it can suit almost any kitchen space. Finding the quintessential Shaker style is not defined by finances either. Even with the most stretched budget, you can create an understated masterpiece that wouldn’t look too dissimilar to this more indulgent design”.