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Handmade Bespoke Kitchens

Handmade Bespoke Kitchens

5 Tips to Maximise Your Kitchen Space

Dec 4th, 2019 12:50 pm   
It is not unusual for people with houses – especially in cities like London to have relatively small kitchens. It is also not uncommon for people to wish for larger kitchens as they become an increasingly important part of our lifestyles. Short of carrying out major structural work in your home, however, the only real solution is to try to find ways to maximise the kitchen space that you do have.
There are a number of ‘tricks of the trade’ and an experienced bespoke kitchen designer would have the tools at hand to apply them to your kitchen. A visit to our London showroom would also give you some creative ideas about how to maximise your kitchen space.
If you have a small kitchen, here are some of those ideas, helping you to make the most of the space that you do have, and ensuring that your kitchen is as useful as it possibly can be without compromising on style.

1.Get the Right Layout

One of the most important considerations to make is to ensure that you have the right layout. A bespoke kitchen designer will be able to help you to discuss how you can change your kitchen’s layout to one that works for you and gives you the most amount of space possible. You might be able to use fold-away tables which fit into a cupboard, or corner cupboards or slimmer cupboards and drawers than ‘normal’, for example.

2.Integrated Appliances

A good way to make your kitchen look and feel bigger is to avoid clutter and reduce appliances on work surfaces but integrating them into your kitchen. You can incorporate your appliances naturally into your bespoke kitchen. For example, chopping boards can be integrated into your work surfaces, as well as knife storage, microwaves, bins and dishwashers into cupboards, or an extendable table which can be tucked into a corner until you need it.

3.Open Shelves

We are seeing a rise in the popularity of open shelves. These can be used to store your most beautiful belongings. If you are particularly proud of your crockery it is a great idea to store them on open shelves, maybe if you have a lovely set of dry ingredients canisters, or your shiny pots and pans would look lovely on a shelf - this will give you more cupboard space.
You could also add hooks to them where you can hook mugs, pots and pans or kitchen utensils to free up precious storage space.

4.Smaller or Fewer Kitchen Appliances

Another way of ensuring that you can have more space in your kitchen is by either having fewer appliances – getting a washer/drier as opposed to a separate washing machine and tumble drier or doing without a dishwasher, for example. You could also consider getting smaller appliances – for example, you can buy small dishwashers which are the size of a small cupboard, or a smaller microwave. Ovens can be stacked on top of each other to give you more space – as can microwave/ovens and a hot water tap could eliminate your need for a kettle.
Someone with bespoke kitchen expertise should be able to help you to get some ideas about how to reduce the amount of space that your appliances take up.

5.Easy on the Eye

Although it won’t actually give you any extra space there are design features that can help you to make your new kitchen look bigger than it actually is. Again, a visit to a showroom will show you these tricks in action, and you can then try to incorporate them into your unique kitchen. Some ideas include using handle-less cupboards, a sleek, gloss finish to work surfaces and shelves (or even mirrors on the walls) and light colours will always make a space look bigger.
You should also think about your lighting – try to keep as much natural light as possible in it and using under cabinet lighting is a good addition to your kitchen – it is important, after all, to be able to see what you are cooking! Under-cabinet lights probably won’t be enough so you will also want to think about main lights or spotlights on the ceiling.
Having a small kitchen area can be frustrating for some people, but in fact, a well-designed, kitchen which is bespoke can be more than adequate if it is designed with maximising space in mind. By visiting a showroom and talking to an expert kitchen designer you can begin to see what can be done for your specific kitchen and create one which meets your specific needs.